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Keneti Tekkit Lite

# Keneti Minecraft Tekkit Lite Network #

We use Grief Prevention on the server for you to protect your land, you can trust friends to your claim and build with them together, or if you’re the lone wolf type, you can be that too.

We have very few staff to keep it a player based server and allow you to enjoy your game play without being micro managed by people who seek to control you. You don’t need to worry about abusive staff.

There are some restricted items on the servers to keep it all balanced and prevent people ruining the economy with cheats and glitches that would otherwise spoil the fun, there are commands in game detailing all the limits and restrictions for your convenience.

Check Out the DYNMap to see the whole customised Overworld Map
> [Live Map of Survival](http://mc.keneti.com:8112/?worldname=world&mapname=surface&zoom=1&x=1925&y=64&z=-1638 "Live Map of Survival")

### 7 Free Progressive Ranks ###
When you join the server for the first time, you will be in the starting rank of Migrant, quickly progressing on to Servant within the first hour of play, after that, the world is yours to conquer!

- **Migrant**
- **Servant**
- **Peasant**
- **Denizen**
- **Citizen**
- **Knight**
- **Lord**

### 5 Donator Ranks ###
For those players that love Multiplayer and love to give that little extra back to servers, we have 5 ranks that donors can get to show our appreciation.
We are a non-profit server and all donations go into expanding and maintaining the server and making it all that more enjoyable for all players. if you are Male or Female it matters not, you can select what gender you want to play as for the donor ranks!

- **Baron / Baroness**
- **Earl / Countess**
- **Duke / Duchess**
- **King / Queen**
- **Emperor / Empress**

A lot of popular Tekkit servers have banned items such as Computer Craft and Quarries, we DO NOT, You can use these mods on the server, there is an unlock to these in the free ranks, so all players can use these.

The only real way you'll know for sure, if we are what you're looking for is to come and have a try! :D


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