We are an Amazing prison server, earn your way out of the prison by working in the mines! Sell your items to gain in game money to rank up!!!!

-Vote everyday to earn free DIAMONDS!



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-Friendly Staff :)

Come and join us today on the server and our website!


IP : play.jailcraftmc.com
Rank information

D Prisoner

Being a D-Prisoner is the starting point in the prison, you are limited to mining and chopping wood to make money. Most majority of the prison events evolve around this part of the prison - crime, violence, events etc. are usually held around here. Guards tend to spend more time here also.

C Prisoner


C-Prisoner is the second rank in your journey to freedom. Even more money is needed to rank up to the next rank. In this rank, you will find a brand new mine with new ores, and less PvP which help to make your prison life easier. Also in ./warp C you gain access a fish pool where you can fish for your meals or sell to other prisoners for some profit!



Welcome to the B-block of the prison, here you will find a decked out enchantment area where you can enchant items to your heart’s content; you may find that prison is easier now that you have the upper hand with enchanted gear! In this prison block, not only do you gain access to a new mine with DIAMOND, but also FREE food with the pig, chicken, and cow spawners we have running 24/7!



Welcome to the A-block! A nice, refreshing snowy biome fully equipped with sexy ice trees! This is probably one of the prettiest blocks on the server! You now have access to a mine that contains gold BLOCKS! Perfect for making god apples for PvP!



You’re so close to freedom! Can’t you just taste the fresh prison-free air?! In this block, there are tons of animals to slaughter for fun and food, and yes .. DIAMOND BLOCKS!!! Man, you’re going to be so rich!! Keep mining, you’re so close to rejoining the normal world!



Congratulations! You have finally earned your freedom – wow that was a long journey! You are now permitted to access the factions world and be on your dandy way to do whatever you want..whether it be stealing, building a nice mansion, or going back to your old druggie ways. Stealing and Griefing are allowed in the free world! Well, enjoy your new life free from prison, you are allowed to come back anytime you want!

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