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Fire Hub Faction server! *Hardcore Factions* *PVP* *Mcmmo* *Shops* *VIP* - Find Minecraft Servers

Fire Hub Faction server! *Hardcore Factions* *PVP* *Mcmmo* *Shops* *VIP*

Welcome to FireHubs page!

This is a Hardcore faction PVP server where anything goes! If you haven't got the guts to join in to intense faction raids and battles then don't join! There is shops that include potions and mobspawners so you can sell your resources and buy specialist items like sponge blocks etc to help you with raids!

We feature many plugins including:

Mob arena
Essentials Economy
PEX ...
Join today and see if you can make it to the top of the leaderboards!


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what/s the server port?

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