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| Fireblox | Creative 64x64 Plots |

Main Description:
Fireblox is a creative server. If you create a great building and a member of staff comes and checks it, you may get the Creator rank! So come and join us, fellow builders, as the community can grow! The bigger the community the better the server will get, as more donations may come in. If you donate, you can get nice perks.

What makes Fireblox different:
Our community is growing. The player record so far is about 16, and we all hope it one day will have no slots open, showing it's a crowded server. Most of the time, there are about 5-12 people online. Anyways, it is creative plots, sized 64x64. Fireblox hay have you lag out at times, but that doesn't happen too much. Fireblox has active staff that are always willing to help you out within reason, or at times they might have a bit of fun.

Join us and check it out, and if you don't like the server don't be scared to leave a comment on why you didn't like it, we may just improve based on your feedback, and if you want to suggest things, goto the website. See you there!


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